What We Read; What We Do

by Anselm

While scanning the internet news for blog-fodder, I came across a story on Yahoo News, which linked to their “Love and Sex” section.  The article is about a new book trilogy, Fifty Shades of Grey, which according to the article:

Unabashedly not YA, these books are part of a genre called BDSM (or “bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism”) fiction.

I’ll spare you the plot details here; you can look at the article through the link above.

The scariest part of the article was a quotation by a mother:

“I couldn’t put it down,” says NYC mom Michele Yogel, 33, “I’d be sitting on the couch at 7 a.m. with my two kids while they’re watching cartoons and drinking milk and I’d be reading it on the Kindle app on my phone.”

This is scary too:

“Kids have never seen their mothers reading so much,” says 42-year-old Allysa Goldman.

Poor women, poor kids, poor world.

This is also troubling:

Goldman, Yogel, and other bibliophiles agree that its adding spark back to “everyone’s marriage.”

Because we all know marriage is just about the sex.

Again, the comments on internet articles can be informative.

For example:

After 12 years of marriage the only BDSM activity in my home occurs when my wife smacks me with the pillow when I’m snoring too loud.


In my house BDSM means bed, dishes sweeping and mopping.


what the hell did i just read?

At least some people can have a sense of humor in the face of this junk.

Although one new porn novel might not be a sign of a trend, it’s interesting that the media puts such material in a good light. “It will save your marriage.”

Unholy Nation’s League of Social Scientists unanimously agree that if you need a pornographic novel to save your marriage, there is something else wrong.  Also, they agree that if you have time to talk to your kids instead of reading a pornographic novel, you should do that.

Meanwhile, you better not be caught reading Dante’s Divine Comedy anytime soon, because it’s offensive.

People think Rick Santorum is a loony-case, but maybe his implied message that we are the nation of contraceptives and porn is right.

Another thing.

You don’t hear much in the mainsleaze media about how the pornography industry exploits and objectifies women.

Why is that?

Is it because pornography is in line with that body autonomy argument?