Tube-Feeding and MMS

by Anselm

I remember back in the Terry Schiavo days some folks in the media bantered on about how “you wouldn’t want to be a tube-fed vegetable would you?”

Now of course, I’m not going to substantiate that quotation with any direct evidence because I’m being anecdotal.

Earlier today I saw a news article through where women are choosing to be tube fed in order to hasten rapid weight loss.

The most telling line in the whole story:

She was desperate for a quick fix

Now we are all guilty at times for wanting the quick fix, especially when living in a society that feeds on instant gratification.

It’s strange to think about how in some cases we are so quick to say “we don’t want to be fed through a tube” and then we say “the tube fed diet is the new it treatment.”

This is also indicative of the classic problem of misguided marriage syndrome (MMS), where the superficial aspects of the wedding are placed over the important aspects of the marriage itself.

“Come on honey; we can put our ideological differences aside as long as we have steak at the reception. Did I mention I’d like the steak pureed and dripped down my feeding tube?”