by Anselm

From Breitbart:

First, we had Planned Parenthood’s 40 Days of Prayer for Abortion, and now we have The National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) third annual National Abortion Access “Bowl-a-Thon.” NNAF, which calls itself a “reproductive justice organization,” says it is an affiliation of more than 100 grassroots abortion funds. NNAF is sponsoring the “Bowl-a-Thon,” a series of 32 fundraising events held across the country and online during the last two weeks of April. Designed to raise money to fund yet more abortions, the organization boasts that it has already raised over $400,000. Another event, a miniature golf-a-thon, hopes to raise $40,000 for abortions in Washington D.C.

If you have a strong enough stomach, head to the Breitbart link. In that article there is a link to a Flickr stream with pictures from a bowl-a-thon type event.  There’s some serious crazies going on in some of the pictures. Try to find the one with the little girl with a pill-pack as a part of her costume. Of course, there are also some pictures of some folks dressed up as nuns and what I think is supposed to be a priest.  Notice too, that one of the “nuns” is wearing a shirt that says “sick puppies.” Sick puppies indeed.

The NNAP’s slogan or motto is:

Fund Abortion Now…because women’s lives matter.

Of course, that improperly used ellipsis actually contains secret code language that you can only decode using one of these:


After decoding, it seems that their true message is Fund Abortion Now In Order to Further Destroy Western Civilization Because Women’s Lives Matter And By Women’s Lives We Mean Living As If Without Consequence For Actions Committed While Satisfying Disordered Carnal Pleasures.

What about the lives of young women?




Infant girls?

Infant boys?

All of the people whose lives are affected by abortion and the activities that promote such behavior?