Where Did I Put That Cap?

by Anselm

This is interesting. For the first time in history an anti-bullier bullies.

He also considers himself a:

Catholic — in a cultural sense, not in an eat-the-wafer, say-the-rosary, burn-down-the-women’s-health-center sense.

That bit of information comes from one of Mr. Savage’s “Sex” columns. Of course, Unholy Nation’s board of decency says click on that link at your own risk because it contains some…well..Pope bullying and the vulgarities you’d expect in such a column. I’m just citing my sources, gee–I don’t want to bully the ethical research police.

From the column, it’s apparent that Mr. Sewage (I’m going to bully) doesn’t understand an iota of Catholic teaching on human sexuality.

So what have we learned?

Don’t bully unless your victim is a Christian.

What catechetical crisis?