The Occupy Movement: A Synergistic Convergence

by Anselm

Tomorrow is International Worker’s Day, and the Occupy movement has issued a mic-check for a general strike.

Nothing says let’s celebrate the worker and the 8-hour workday more than not working, not going to school, not doing anything–that is except defecating in public parks and standing in the middle of a road with tens and tens of your freethinking (Socialist) friends talking about how you were upset that you missed seeing the Tupac hologram at Coachella and how you need to read more Nietzsche and how the government forced you to sign the student loan documents against your will and how you want to protest against the use of soybeans in soy cheese replacements because it huurrtts the plaaaants maaannn.

If only the Occupy movement was that funny.

Even though the calls for disruption in the past have been less than disruptive, it’s possible that the movement will convert enough desperate folks to carry some of this nonsense out.

Note, the middle class white conservative male is the domestic terrorist. Yet, these Occuperps can cause disruption and they are considered the grassroots of American freedom and the future of the forward-thinking citizenry able to challenge the ways of the past in a progressive and sustainable manner.  Did I fit enough buzzwords in that sentence?

One thing on the Occupy Checklist for tomorrow’s strike is:

(16) Drums, whistles, noisemakers, giant puppets: They’re fun!

That makes me remember the connection Fr. Z made with the Call to Action Puppet liturgy a while back.

But seriously, if you go to the OccupyWallStreet website you’ll see that they are describing tomorrow as a convergence of the 99%.

I wonder how synergistic it’s going to be?

The other thing on their checklist that I think is strange is:

(10) Some quarters: You might need them to make calls from jail! Stuff them in your socks to decrease the risk of having them lost or confiscated.

So it’s not okay to shop anywhere, but you can use the federal currency to pay for a phone call home? That’s real edgy.

“Yeah, well the man forced me to use that money to call home because if they didn’t want me to use the money to call home they shouldn’t have arrested me or something.”