What’s More Valuable?

by Anselm

In some recent Delaware news, a woman has been charged with three felony counts of animal cruelty for storming into another woman’s house and squeezing some kittens to death. You can read the details at WGMD’s website.

(WGMD is a local radio station in lower Delaware. Based on their site, I like to call them We Got Mugshots Daily.)

According to GMD (that’s how the locals refer to it), the kitty squeeze was fueled by a feud over some prescription drugs.

Of course, the thought of someone squeezing fluffy’s offspring is awful. It’s normal to feel uneasy about this story; nobody likes animal abuse.

A Delaware News Urinal headline states that the big squeeze was “an unconscionable and shocking act.”

You can see the headline here:

It’s strange that our media sees cat squeezing as being so offensive. In a world where there is so much yuck going on, it’s the kitten squeeze that really hits to the heart. Forget the African church bombings, because there’s a new cat in town.

But you dare not say that abortion is an offensive and shocking act. Oh no you must not be insensitive.

“Well you know, the kittens were viable and they are cute and we love our pets more than our own kids because–well– aren’t they just precious. My fluffy is going to take over the whole kitten kingdom. Wait until later when I dress him up like a little pageant queen; it’s going to be so precious. And after that we’re going to sit down to a nice game of pinochle. Who says it’s only the dogs who like to play cards?”

It’s sad that animal rights don’t extend to humans.

Some folks have a questionable understanding of ontological value.

I’ll give you a primer.

Human (from conception) GREATER THAN any type of cat, small, large, or imagined.

That’s right Garfield; I went there.