What Does it Mean to be Catholic in the 21st Century?

by Anselm

That question is important.

When Holy Days of Obligation are pushed to Sundays we effectively become less Catholic. Pushing all of our liturgical obligations to Sunday is said to be a decision out of modern convenience.

The Faith should not be convenient.

If you have a crucifix nearby–look at it and ask yourself if it looks convenient.

The reality is that there are multiple things that are making the Church less like her true self and much less than she is supposed to be.

The Protestantization of the Church is palpable.

The world wants our faith to be amorphous, pluralistic, and convenient.

Being less Catholic (so to speak) is not the answer to any of the crises facing the Church at this hour in history.

We can’t solve out catechetical crisis by making the teaching of the Truth obscure.

Truth is the light–it’s not the shadow.

We are given a clear message about the role of Jesus Christ, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit.

There aren’t multiple Christs, multiple Fathers, and there is of course no new-age mother sophia business.

By being faithful Catholics we are called to bear sufferings. Living the Faith is not convenient and it is not supposed to be convenient. By reducing our liturgical observations to mere pseudo-reverent “activities” there is not only a loss of meaning, but a loss of identity, and a loss of faith.

There are Catholics today who do not know the Church as they should. Because of this, there is a spirit of rebellion when the church re-affirms her teachings.

Catholics rebel against the Church because they are looking at her with the eyes of the world and not with the eyes of the Truth.

The answer is clear.

We need to be Catholic.

This has been the answer for every century.

The answer for the future of the Church is not to be found in an ecumenical Bible study. It’s not to be found in failed doctrines. It’s not to be found in yoga spirituality. It’s not to be found in heretical hymns.  It’s not to be found in esoteric homilies.

The answer is found in Christ and the fullness of Tradition of His Holy Church.

The Truth is there for the taking.

With our technology and access to centuries of robust teachings, the 21st century has no excuse to lurk in the shadows. If you look close enough, the message of Be Catholic has been echoed throughout history.

The answer is (as they say) in the question.