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I’ll be back to this soon. I hope. The summer economy is absorbing all of my time.


Where have you been?

We’re busy here at Unholy Nation headquarters.   Since it is the summer time and the HQ is in a resort town, it’s hard to keep up with posts while trying to take a bite out of the summer economy.

We’re hoping to get back into the swing of things soon.



RE: Huh?

I forgot that it is accepted that you can be multiple things at the same time. The principle of non-contradiction? What’s that?

By be I mean 21st century relativist be not the ontological be that we are all used to.

The reality is you call yourself all kinds of things. 

All because you call yourself a/an _______ it doesn’t make you a/an_____________.

I’m a millionaire.

See, it doesn’t work like that.


According to newsworks.org:

According to Delaware Online, “Ashley and Krein will exchange vows at the same church where she was baptized, St. Joseph on the Brandywine, in a joint Jewish-Catholic ceremony. It will be followed by a reception at the Biden residence in Greenville.”

A joint Jewish-Catholic ceremony?

Is this the type of ecumenism that the council wanted?

Just a thought.

I wouldn’t know where to begin other than saying:

“That doesn’t seem right.”

I was going to say it doesn’t seem kosher, but my religious idiom machine broke and the replacement part is on back order.


Hans Kung

Rorate has an interesting piece on Hans Kung entitled “Freak extremes meet.”

Marty Haugen’s Liturgical Dance Party

I don’t understand why Marty Haugen’s music (?) is still being used by any Roman Catholic parish.

Maybe I’ll write more about this later.

Yet, I will say that is strange to sing a song to nature after the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

There is a connection between bad liturgical music and the crisis in the Church. It almost reminds me of some Haugen lyrics:

“They blow where they will. They blow where they please.”

Those of course, are the winds that blow to please the Lord in Haugen’s “Canticle of the Sun.” Sounds relativistic.  Unholy Nation’s Board of Heretical Hymns suggests that what he’s really talking about are the winds of progressive Catholicism. We also can’t call hymnals “hymnals” because it contains the sound “him”–therefore, we must refer to them as “music issues.” The irony behind that label is that the music contained inside actually has issues.

Unfortunately, we all know where the story ends.

Some folks don’t understand that our missalettes reflect our faith.

We can’t have Catholic covers and Protestant innards.

Sancta Caecilia, ora pro nobis!


Surely there are norms to purify the area (that aren’t dramatized above), but regardless this video sums thing up about CITH.

Benedict XVI’s May 2nd Audience

In our catechesis on Christian prayer, we now consider the speech which Saint Stephen, the first martyr, delivered before his death.  Stephen’s words are clearly grounded in a prayerful re-reading of the Christ event in the light of God’s word.  Accused of saying that Jesus would destroy the Temple and the customs handed down by Moses, Stephen responds by presenting Jesus as the Righteous One proclaimed by the prophets, in whom God has become present to humanity in a unique and definitive way.  As the Son of God made man, Jesus is himself the true temple of God in the world; by his death for our sins and his rising to new life, he has now become the definitive “place” where true worship is offered to God.  Stephen’s witness to Christ, nourished by prayer, culminates in his martyrdom.  By his intercession and example may we learn daily to unite prayer, contemplation of Christ and reflection on God’s word.  In this way we will appreciate more deeply God’s saving plan, and make Christ truly the Lord of our lives.


You can come to your own conclusions. Just remember some of the themes in his Holy Week addresses and his April 18th general audience.

That’s right. I linked to an older post.


This report from Nigeria is just another sign that the war against the Church in Africa is still heating up.

The author, Lilian Agih writes:

An explosion on Sunday rocked an area near a theater used by Christian students for worship at the Bayero University Kano. The explosion went off while the catholic mass was going on.

Ideological bombs amongst the women religious in the United States.

Real bombs amongst the faithful on the continent of Africa.

Prayers for the world needed.



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