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War Within. War Without.

It seems that the CDF’s materials from last week have continued to reverberate throughout the mainstream press in the US. Most of the coverage is negative and can be reduced to attacks against “the all male hierarchy that needs to get with the times.”

If you look at history even in the most cursory way, it’s the same old rhetoric now in 21st century e-containers. Real progressive! Real impressive!  But the reality is that

We’re still here.

That wasn’t too obnoxious was it?

Unfortunately the “physical force”  war against the church remains on the African continent. As reported by the AP:

On Saturday night, a Muslim mob burned a Catholic church in Sudan frequented mostly by South Sudanese. The church in Khartoum’s Al-Jiraif district was built on a disputed plot of land, but the attack appeared to be part of the fallout from ongoing hostilities between Sudan and South Sudan.

Is this about land? Political ideology? Religion?

Let’s not fool ourselves. It doesn’t take much to see through land disputes.


What We Read; What We Do

While scanning the internet news for blog-fodder, I came across a story on Yahoo News, which linked to their “Love and Sex” section.  The article is about a new book trilogy, Fifty Shades of Grey, which according to the article:

Unabashedly not YA, these books are part of a genre called BDSM (or “bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism”) fiction.

I’ll spare you the plot details here; you can look at the article through the link above.

The scariest part of the article was a quotation by a mother:

“I couldn’t put it down,” says NYC mom Michele Yogel, 33, “I’d be sitting on the couch at 7 a.m. with my two kids while they’re watching cartoons and drinking milk and I’d be reading it on the Kindle app on my phone.”

This is scary too:

“Kids have never seen their mothers reading so much,” says 42-year-old Allysa Goldman.

Poor women, poor kids, poor world.

This is also troubling:

Goldman, Yogel, and other bibliophiles agree that its adding spark back to “everyone’s marriage.”

Because we all know marriage is just about the sex.

Again, the comments on internet articles can be informative.

For example:

After 12 years of marriage the only BDSM activity in my home occurs when my wife smacks me with the pillow when I’m snoring too loud.


In my house BDSM means bed, dishes sweeping and mopping.


what the hell did i just read?

At least some people can have a sense of humor in the face of this junk.

Although one new porn novel might not be a sign of a trend, it’s interesting that the media puts such material in a good light. “It will save your marriage.”

Unholy Nation’s League of Social Scientists unanimously agree that if you need a pornographic novel to save your marriage, there is something else wrong.  Also, they agree that if you have time to talk to your kids instead of reading a pornographic novel, you should do that.

Meanwhile, you better not be caught reading Dante’s Divine Comedy anytime soon, because it’s offensive.

People think Rick Santorum is a loony-case, but maybe his implied message that we are the nation of contraceptives and porn is right.

Another thing.

You don’t hear much in the mainsleaze media about how the pornography industry exploits and objectifies women.

Why is that?

Is it because pornography is in line with that body autonomy argument?

Project Excrement

This morning when I saw the news article about the teen killed at a Project X inspired party, I thought about graduate school.

Graduate school students studying English literature often have conversations about very trite topics.

One of which I remember is “does life reflect art, or does art reflect life.”

We must remember that Project X is a fiction.

Or is it?

A society that thrives on crap visual art, crap literature, crap TV, crap film, and crap music will have those tastes manifest in public behavior. You know, what you do and what you say. (Not to mention how you vote or how you allocate resources.)

Crap art, crap literature, crap TV, crap film, and crap music are all technical terms, mind you.

Mimetic desire?

Teens being teens?

They’ll grow out of it?

When is our enlightened and progressive culture going to grow out of it?

Prayer, Fasting, and Internet News Comments

Catholic bishops in Pennsylvania have recommended March 30th to be a day of prayer and fasting in opposition to the non-compromise HHS mandate-gate.

It’s never a good idea to look at the comments on any mainstream news stories regarding the Catholic church.

Sometimes I have to look at them, and I’m glad I did today because there is one comment that essentially sums up the church in America.

The Church, the people in the pews, has rejected the anti-contraceptive teaching of the bishops; it has not been “received by the faithful,” as theologians say. The bishops are playing with dynamite here, and this whole thing just may backfire on them. As a practicing Catholic, I will have none of their political maneuvering in this election year. I will not fast on March 30. How can the people in the pews show our loyal dissent? My suggestion: sit in the last pews of your parish church, as close to the back as you can. If enough people do this, it will begin to make a statement. Next, only contribute money to your parish; give nothing to the archdiocese. These two simple actions will give the people a voice.

First, the comment starts out with a presumption that the “people in the pews” (which is the only thing important in the post-concilliar church, mind you) is the church.

Second, if you are a dissenting catholic, the dynamite is in your hands.

Third, where you sit in the church building will have no affect on anything. I don’t know what that’s supposed to do.  I guess if someone has already spiritually distanced themselves from the Truth, the physical distance is small potatoes.

Fourth, money given to the parish usually trickles back up, doesn’t it?

Fifth, Holy Mother Church is not a democracy.

Sixth and lastly, there is no such thing as loyal dissent.

The other comment that is just way too ridiculous not to share is:

@Jacob, the Church has declared birth control to be intrinsically evil. It has not made the same declaration with child rape. It is very difficult to take the Church’s teachings in this matter seriously.

It’s come to my understanding that some people think child rape is actually in Catholic doctrine somewhere.  I can’t find it.

As far as the church making the declaration on child rape, it’s in the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

(2395) Chastity means the integration of sexuality within the person. It includes an apprenticeship in self-mastery.

(2396) Among the sins gravely contrary to chastity are masturbation, fornication, pornography, and homosexual practices.

The Vatican’s website also has a whole page of links dedicated to the abuse scandal.

It’s my honor to give those comments the first Unholy Nation Dunce cap.

War Within and War Without

The newsroom over here at Unholy Nation is going to stay silent (for the moment) on the current issues in the Archdiocese of Washington, DC. Of course, the mainscream bilestream media is all over the story (here’s another for good measure). The letter to Fr. Guarnizo is over at Rorate.

Time will tell indeed.

In other news, holy war ensues in Africa as on Sunday ten were killed in a car bomb attack in Nigeria.  This comes shortly after the group Boko Haram declared war on Christians in northern Nigeria.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of thinking to get the obvious point:

The war against Holy Mother Church is heating up.